Desert Hot Springs Energy Vortex

Is Desert Hot Springs an Energy Vortex?

by Roger Sunpath
March 12, 1997

Energy vortex, what the heck is that? I knew you'd ask me that, so here it goes. In the case of an Earth energy vortex, it is a location where several Earth powers converge. Vortexes are power spots where a great concentration of energy emits from the planet. Some experts feel that these power points are themselves only surface manifestations of an energy infrastructure within the planet. There are two types of energy vortexes. Positive vortexes expand and perpetuate energy. Negative vortexes dissipate energy. I'll have more to say about negative vortexes later.

vortex in DHS In the extraordinary case of Desert Hot Springs, there is a convergence of five energies. Earthquake faults, geothermal underground water, mountain peak alignments, wind, and Sun energies. The map included here (you can click on it to see a larger version) will help you understand the location of these energies and their relationship to one another. First, the green line running from bottom right to top left (from Southeast to Northwest) is the Mission Creek fault line. This fault is a break off from the famous San Andreas Fault, which is South of the city. The blue circled area is the location of the underground hot water lake. The blue dashed line running through the lake is the mathematical mean of the lake's position. The red line with the circles is the line connecting the peaks of the rim of the Little San Bernardino Mountains. These mountains border the city to the Northeast. Notice that these three lines are almost parallel to one another. This means that their energy fields are in alignment with one another. This is no accident, for the underground lake is held in place by the fault line and the mountains provide the water runoff for the lake. This is another example of nature in harmony.

The important thing to know here is if you are standing facing the Northeast you are putting your body in alignment with these positive energies. You may have even found yourself standing in this direction and rested or meditating and not really knowing why. Maybe you just found it comfortable. It's like sitting in front of your fireplace at home. We all like to sit directly in front, not off to the side, so we can feel the warmth and see the dancing images in the flames.

It is unfortunate that the founding fathers of the city were unaware of this energy alignment. If they had constructed the city streets on a Northwest by Southeast axis, the general population would be calmer.

In addition to these energies we have strong wind energy, from the common therapeutic breeze to the sometimes ferocious storms. The wind is an energy of purification. Could you imagine the trouble we would be in if our wind didn't blow and ground the smog that enters our valley from the West? Many of us Native Americans can listen to the wind and hear it talk. It sometimes tells us about the conditions from where it came; sometimes it will tell us about the weather that is coming.

Finally there is the wonderful Sun energy for which this area is famous. As the Sun transits from the East to the West, it bathes the valley with all its power, brightness, and healing energy.

So what is the significance of a place that is an energy vortex? Ancient peoples made pilgrimages to these locations because they were believed to be sacred sites. These early people would come to these places to do ceremonies and ask for healing. Over the centuries the knowledge of these sites was passed down from generation to generation. In the Native American culture these places were in the care of medicine men. Many of the ceremonies performed in these locations involved the four elements-Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. These medicine people knew that communion with these elements could bring forth healing.

So what can you expect when you enter into an energy vortex? If you wish to derive the fullest possible benefit from the energies, you must concentrate your awareness, quiet your mind, and tune your entire being to the energy broadcast of the power point. Here we have the unique ability with the natural hot waters to immerse ourselves in a pool or jacuzzi and have full communion with one of the powers directly. In general, people are drawn to energy vortexes and power spots in search of enlightenment and inner peace; they are attracted by some invisible force and its therapeutic effects.

As I mentioned earlier there are positive and negative energy vortexes and that Desert Hot Springs is on a positive vortex. Vortexes are like a magnet in the sense that one end is positive and the other negative. The negative side of the energy vortex in this area is located in the vicinity of Palm Drive and Highway 10. If you drive that route regularly you may notice that there is almost always a car broken down along the road. This is because machines that are in marginal running condition will fail when passing through a negative energy vortex. Remember negative vortexes dissipate energy. So if your car is already not running very well, it's best to pass through these areas as quickly as possible.

Hopefully, now you can understand a little more about these Earth powers. During your visit to Desert Hot Springs you should bathe in the natural waters, take a hike up to our mountains, lean into a therapeutic breeze and soak up some of that Sun energy.

Roger Sunpath and Dawn Star
Roger Sunpath and Dawn Star

If you have any information or experiences you would like to share with me about the Desert Hot Springs energy vortex write to me: Roger Sunpath, P.O. Box 3367, Palm Springs CA 92263 or email me

Update: December, 1999

Recently, I had the opportunity to watch, and consult with, Sandy Jack who is a Geologist/Geophysicist with a company called GEOVision. He was here in Desert Hot Springs with a large drill rig taking core samples. His research was part of a seismic study relating to the special geology here in Desert Hot Springs.

His team drilled to depths as far down as 330 feet. They used special electronic imaging equipment to chart the geological patterns surrounding the core-drilling hole. The results indicated that the geology is composed of sand, similar to the top surface sand, all the way down to the 330-foot level where they hit the water table. Sandy said that the interesting thing about our geology is that we have a low gravitational field because of having mostly sand under the terrain. If we had rock under us we would have a higher gravitational field.

I found this to be another interesting element that has to do with the Desert Hot Springs energy vortex. I'm not sure at this time what interpretation to make about this phenomenon, but we can be assured that in Desert Hot Springs we can all walk with a lighter step!